New Jersey

Bomb Reported on Flight Leaving San Francisco International Airport, Plane Lands Safely

A United Airlines flight that departed from San Francisco International Airport Saturday landed safely in Newark, N.J. after a passenger claimed that a bomb stuffed inside a backpack was on board the aircraft, NBC New York reported.

The San Francisco Police Department and the airline received word of the alert, but authorities gave the pilots the green light to continue on their scheduled heading.

Passengers were not made aware of the bomb threat until the plane touched down on the East Coast.

"They didn't say anything about this thing," Arjun Shah told NBC New York. "I just saw two cops when they landed and they didn't say anything about this."

Not having any knowledge about the potential danger was surprising, but Shah added that it made sense.

"It would just create panic on the plane so they did the right thing, I guess," he told NBC New York.

Bomb sniffing dogs and officers searched the plane after it landed in Newark, but they did not find anything, according to NBC New York.

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