Boogie Romanticism Counts Down to Live

Internationally acclaimed virtuoso of spray-paint Chor Boogie presents his solo show: Romanticism, where imagination and emotion meet the healing power of color therapy.

Having emerged, in part, from the world of “Graffiti Art,” Chor profoundly expounds on the genre in style, technique, form, composition, and conceptual underpinnings, as he can no longer be simply categorized as such.

Viewers often find it nearly unbelievable that his masterful works are created almost solely from spray paint. Drawing inspiration from the18th century Romantic Movement in art with it's focus on the natural state, emotion, and Eros, Chor Boogie presents us with his fresh, modern Romanticism.
Opening night only, Chor presents a live installation piece: The Romantic Immaculate Conception in collaboration with guest artists Bast and Samala. 

Live goddesses become the breathing, moving canvases for Chor's artistic expressions as they find absolute freedom within the borders a frame. Surprise interactive elements command awareness at all times; the senses being the gateway to awakening.

Fueled by the passion of their relationship, this piece is represents the love, co-creation, synergy, and interpersonal Romanticism that is possible within a great love.
Deep, sultry, dubby, beats with Eastern flavor and spice provided by Samala throughout the evening.

Opening Friday, November 14:  8 p.m. – 2 a.m. (show continues through January 2009)
Project One:  251 Rhode Island @ 16th, SF (free event)
Installation by: BAST
Music by: SAMALA

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