Bottoms Up Beer Comes to AT&T

Bottoms Up Beer
Lori Preuitt

The 7th inning stretch song may be about peanuts and cracker jacks, but beer is the real items connected to baseball games here in the Bay Area.

This season Giants fans have a way to get their liquid wheat faster thanks to a beer distribution invention called Bottoms Up.  The company clames it is the world's fastest beer dispensing system.

One Bottoms Up employee can fill 44 pints of draft beer in a minute flat.  Proof is in the above video clip.

Good-bye beer line.

At AT&T Park, Giants fans will find the Bottom's Up kiosk behind the homeplate across from the video game displays on the first level. Beers cost $9.25 and it comes in one flavor: Bud Light. But if you need a quick hit, that is the place to go between innings.

The beer is filled from the bottom up in a specially designed cup that comes with a magnetic disk. The flow-meter stops the pour when it reaches the rim and the magnet seals the swill.


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