Boxee Box Just Made Couch Potatoes’ Lives Even Easier

Getty Images

Fans of Boxee's popular Internet programming software were teased last month when the company announced it would sell a plug-and-play box that would stream media over a WiFi network.

But one thing the company failed to mention, until this week, was the box will include a remote control equipped with a Qwerty keyboard. Couch potatoes everywhere rejoice.

The two-sided remote features buttons to control play and pause functions of streaming media and a menu to access more features.

The backside of the remote is a keyboard, giving users the ability to type without having to walk all the way over to their computer to type or struggle through using an onscreen keyboard.

The new box will sell for under $200, according to the company. There is no word on whether they will sell the remote on its own. If you don't feel like shelling over the cash for the box, you could always use the iPhone remote control that Boxee introduced last year.

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