Brad Pitt to Shoot Movie in Oakland

Someone might want to alert House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get ready for a trip across the bay. Her favorite celebrity is coming.

Super Hollywood hunk Brat Pitt will be in Oakland at least for a few days to film his new movie "Moneyball," which is based on the book with the same title that explores the Oakland Athletics unique approach to staying competitive in baseball. Pitt will of course play General Manager Billy Beane.

The movie is being directed by Steven Soderbergh, who also made the "Oceans" series and "Che." Soderberg told our friends at The San Francisco Chronicle that while most of the movie will be shot in Hollywood, some of it has to be filmed in Oakland.

"We'll be up there for a week, I think," he told the paper. "We're going to build the bowels of the Coliseum on stage here. But there are some shots where you're literally bringing them from the locker room all the way onto the field, well, I gotta be up there. And I want to shoot the exteriors, I want to shoot a couple of games."

The movie is also set to star several former players and managers including former A's skipper Art Howe, Scott Hatterberg and David Justice.

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