Brad Pitt's Vampire House Sees the Light of Day

The house that would be the home to Brad Pitt, if he was a real vampire living in San Francisco, just went on the market.

SocketSite reports the house that inspired the opening scene of Anne Rice's classic novel "Interview With the Vampire" at 503 Divisadero St. in San Francisco is selling for $1,395,000.

The home's famous fictional resident is not mentioned in the listing but the real estate blog is kind enough to dig up a scene from the book that takes place in the home:

"I see…" said the vampire thoughtfully, and slowly he walked across the room towards the window. For a long time he stood there against the dim light from Divisadero Street and the passing beams of traffic. The boy could see the furnishings of the room more clearly now, the round oak table, the chairs. A wash basin hung on one wall with a mirror. He set his brief case on the table and waited.

The 3,050-square-foot Victorian was built in 1900 and it has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, a double parlor, a rear deck and a yard with large maple trees. Most recently the building appears to have been the home of Fog Horn Realty.


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