Brawl at Concord's ‘The Jungle' Caught on Camera

New video paints a much clearer picture of things getting out of control last weekend at a children's entertainment center in Concord.

Police say young people threw punches and deployed pepper spray at the Concord kid's center, The Jungle, exposing children to dangerous conditions. The incident also sent parents and their children running.

"There were dozens of people inside the establishment that felt the effects of pepper spray," Concord Police Lt. Mike Kindorf said.

Staff at The Jungle declined to comment on camera, but a worker said they did their best to get everyone out quickly. The employee said crews sanitized the center thoroughly before reopening.

The incident, however, has left a bad taste with many parents.

Police would like to identify those involved and make clear what happened at The Jungle will not be tolerated.

"This kind of behavior is really not acceptable anywhere in our society, but in a location like that with so many young children, it's highly inappropriate," Kindorf said.

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