Stephen Ellison

Brazen Burglary Attempt Shakes Pleasanton Neighborhood

A brazen home-invasion burglary attempt Wednesday morning in Pleasanton has neighbors on edge and prompted a warning from the victims.

In the middle of the morning Wednesday, a man kicked in a front door, not knowing the homeowner was upstairs in the shower. Andrea Leggett didn’t hear the knock at first but then the knocking got louder.

"I just heard a loud commotion ... the dogs were barking," Leggett said.

She thought it might have been her husband returning home, and then her 9-year-old son ran upstairs.

"He looked at me and said, 'I don’t know what’s going on, Mom," Leggett said.

At that point, she knew someone was trying to break into her home. Her surveillance camera outside captured dramatic video showing two men, one with a mask, kicking in the door after several attempts.

"I wrapped myself in a towel just yelling as much as I could," Leggett said. "And I heard another commotion and a car screeching down."

The suspects sped away when they heard Leggett yelling. Her husband returned home after getting a frantic call from his wife.

Darren Leggett decided to post the break-in on his neighborhood website.

"We posted it not so much just to say look what happened, but say, 'Hey, look what happened and be aware and share it, share with the Pleasanton Police Department," he said.

Police told the family they are working on a few leads in the case.

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