Castro Not Happy With Britney Spears' Stunt

Britney Spears will perform on the streets of San Francisco on March 29.

The performance will also be broadcast live on national television's "Good Morning America" to promote Spears' new album "Femme Fatale."

And while Britney fans will be lining the streets of the Castro to catch of glimpse of the singer, not all the neighbors of the famed San Francisco neighborhood are as excited about the promo tour.

To make room for the hoards of people, Muni buses will reportedly be rerouted, parking spaces will be off limits and streets will be closed down. That has some businesses irked, according to KTVU.

Some fear the performance that will shut down streets starting March 27 at midnight will hurt businesses.

Estimates have the show bringing 50,000 teeny boppers to the neighborhood, which could add business after all.

The concert is scheduled to last one hour, with most people being able to see it for free. The ABC says it is working with local neighborhood groups on the logistics.

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