Cracked Windows at Salesforce Tower in San Francisco Cause Concern

Two broken windows at the Salesforce Tower have experts looking for a cause.

The Department of Building Inspection said the inside pane of the two double-paned windows broke last week, a little over a year after the tower opened.

One of the 12th floor broke last Tuesday followed by a break on the 14h floor Thursday.

People walking in the area said the development is alarming because of where the tower is, right across the street from the dinking and twisting Millennium Tower and next to the Transbay Terminal that’s clsed because of a cracked beam.

"The fact that windows would break it doesn't matter something is off I hope they take care of it," said San Francisco resident Mahtab Nikoo.

In a statement, Boston Properties said, "Because the cracks were on the interior panes of the double-paned windows, there was never any danger of glass falling to the street. We acted immediately to retain top glass safety consultants to help us determine the cause of these isolated failures and to take all necessary preventative steps."

The windows will be replaced in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the property managers placed temporary barricades in front of the windows.

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