Bryan Stow Remains in Coma

The USC Medical Center released an update Wednesday on the condition of the Giants fan who was attacked March 31 outside Dodger's stadium.

Spokeswoman Rosa Saca said that Bryan Stow's condition remains critical and that he remains in a medically induced coma.

Stow's doctor said he will keep him in a coma for another day or two before attempted to bring him out for a second time.

The first attempt failed over the weekend when Stow suffered small seizures. Doctors say Stow has to stay in the coma to allow his brain to rest and hopefully heal. The family said Monday they are encouraged by the recent news that scans found brain activity.

Stow, 42, is a husband and father of two. He lives in Santa Cruz and works as a paramedic in San Mateo. Donations to the Bryan Stow fund continue to pour in to The last count had the fund above $300,000.

Stow has insurance, but there will be medical costs that his family will have to pay, plus the loss of work for himself and his family who are holding vigil at his bedside.

The search for the group of men who attacked Stow continues in Los Angeles. The reward fund stands at $150,000.

Authorities said Stow and two friends were walking to their vehicle outside Dodger Stadium when he was attacked by two men in Dodgers gear. Investigators said Stow was kicked after he fell on the pavement.

The attack led Dodgers officials to call on former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton to assess security at the stadium.

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