Budget Woes Spark Backup at Dumbarton Bridge

Dumbo Bridge Backup

If you've noticed an unusually long backup at the Dumbarton Bridge since New Year's, here's why: Because of financial woes, Toll Lane No. 4 has been closed, causing exceptionally long lines during the peak commuting hours.

Metropolitain Transportation Commission spokesman John Goodwin, said Caltrans and the Bay Area Toll Authority " are working together to formulate a solution." In other words, they need to find money to pay a toll worker.

Crews will be doing an observation and analysis on Friday, and hope to come up with some sort of workable plan by Monday.

Goodwin said two possible solutions are being considered:

  • Somehow find money to staff the middle toll lane with a toll taker for two hours a day, during 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. That lane would be closed the remainder of the time.
  • Convert an additional lane to "FasTrak ONLY" eliminating the need for that toll taker. All of the lanes are FasTrak capable.
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