Bullet Shot Through San Jose City Hall Window

A bullet hole was found at the base of San Jose City Hall on Wednesday morning, prompting crime scene investigators to determine who shot it and why.

The shooting, which police said occurred around 2 a.m., shattered glass at the very base of a window near the sidewalk. It was not reported until 6:30 a.m. when employees arrived for work.

"It's a real shock that somebody would shoot in the middle of town and right into a public area," said Yolanda Angelo. "It's scary."

No one was injured and no suspects have been arrested.

City spokesman Davis Vossbrink said he's not aware of any recent threats linked to the shooting.

"We want to find all we can about when, how and where it occurred so police can trace it back," Vossbrink said.

Police have full access to surveillance cameras in the area, including one directly above the broken window. The city installed the cameras and increased overnight security just a few months ago to deter taggers.

"A bullet shot in City Hall is something we all should be concerned about," Vossbrink said. "But we aren’t making any assumptions about what caused it or what relations it has with other news."

The city erupted in violence last week during a Donald Trump rally at the San Jose Convention Center, and many people have been upset with the police department's response - or lack thereof - to the assaults and eggings that occurred to Trump supporters. As many as 10,000 people have called for the resignation of Mayor Sam Liccardo, who works in the building.

Police have no idea if the bullet hole was related to any of the political firestorm that came to a head last week.

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