San Jose

Burglar Caught on Camera Breaking Into San Jose Businesses

A business owner in San Jose says her security cameras captured a burglar breaking into her office and neighboring businesses while they were closed for the Fourth of July holiday.

The video from Aline Lee's surveillance cameras shows a man spending hours ransacking her office after using power tools to smash through a wall. The footage shows the man rifling through a cabinet in the office before realizing he’s on camera.

When Lee decided to check in on her office, she was surprised by what she found.

"I found a whole big mess of my paperwork, everything," she said, adding that it has happened before.

Lee and her fellow business owners had security gates installed about two months ago to prevent future break-ins, but in this latest incident, the burglar seemed went right through the wall at one of the units in the building that did not have security gates or bars.

Then, using power tools he found inside, the man sawed through walls to get into different businesses, and he seemingly came prepared to be there for a while.

"So they actually brought in food and everything too," Lee said. "They used the restroom too while they were in here."

San Jose police were at the scene Wednesday interviewing all the businesses owners.

"Hopefully they’re going to try to find a solution or at least try to be in this area a little more because it’s an ongoing situation," business owner Olga Carrillo said.

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