Stephen Ellison

Burglar Steals $10,000 Worth of Bows, Gear From Gilroy Archery Shop

A man broke into a South Bay archery shop in Gilroy early Tuesday only to revisit it once more in the middle of the night to collect more loot.

Surveillance video shows the burglar hunting for bows at Predator's Archery early Tuesday morning. The shop's co-owners say the man broke into the store from the adjacent storage office, first at 2 a.m. then again at 5 a.m. He made off with several bows.

"He sort of looked over here at some of the kids bows," co-owner Curtis Campisi said. "This is a $1,700 bow. He didn't know what this was and ended up leaving this; ended up taking a $290 bow instead."

Campisi and co-owner Michael Pierce thinks it's likely someone who's been to the store, but not an archer. In all, $10,000 worth of gear was stolen, including the personal bow of a girlfriend who competes internationally.

"(She'd) just got all this new stuff, getting ready for the season, and then it's gone," Campisi said.

Another bow stolen was specialized for a student named Eddie, who has cerebral palsy. Eddie takes the bus down to Gilroy from Cupertino every week to practice, Pierce said.

"Everything can be replaced, but that one was personal," Pierce said. "So that was tough on Eddie."

The owners said they won't let the burglar ruin Eddie's holiday.

"I'll build a bow for Eddie so he can resume training next week," Pierce said.

Investigators said if the specialized bows show up in your house or under your tree, call Gilroy police.

"It's something very easily distinguished that it came from here," Campisi said.

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