Bush Street Disappears in SF

Signs covered with new pres.

Some pranksters in San Francisco had a little presidential fun overnight by changing out several Bush Street signs into Obama Street.

They made a cover for the metal signage that looks pretty darn professional.

Someone tipped off NBCBayArea.com to the stunt just before sunrise on Inauguration Day.

At least four blocks of signs had been changed in the heart of the city's Financial District.

There were also chalk drawings on the ground pointing up to get pedestrians to notice the "change."

It's not clear how serious a crime this is or if police will bother to prosecute. 

We assume crews will take them down at some point.  People could get lost you know, this is a tourist town.

There is a rally that is expected to be held at Bush Street and Presidio later today ––  where Bush Street officially stops with a little “end” sign on the street corner.

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