Heat Wave

Businesses Operating Outdoors Faced With New Challenge: Heat Wave

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There's uncertainty and concern for a lot of businesses around the Bay Area that have had to move operations outdoors and the blistering heat on top is only making things worse. 

In San Jose's Downtown Willow Glen, dining al fresco is a treat. For all the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, this is a change lots of customers actually enjoy.   

"Let's take a tip from the Europeans and keep eating outdoors okay?” said Andrew Yslava. “Maybe this will be the new norm, you know what I'm saying?"

Afternoon temperatures in San Jose peaked just short of a 100 degrees, perfect weather for an ice cream, but it's less than ideal for other businesses that are still struggling to survive because of the coronavirus shut down.

The Bay Area is bracing for sweltering heat and dangerous conditions. People will be trying to beat the heat while staying safe from COVID. Cheryl Hurd reports.

In Benicia, the Bada Bing Salon has been mostly empty for months.

Owner Starr Safa is lucky enough to have access to a balcony where she's set up an outdoor hair cutting station. But the heat is causing more problems.

"I've let everybody know, I'm going to attempt to work for a few hours in the morning. We're going to see how it goes,” she said. “I'm going to cancel all of the afternoon people and try to figure out when I can fit them in again."

Cal/OSHA issued an advisory for businesses that may be new to having people work outdoors.

Employees should be provided with plenty of drinking water as well as shaded work areas, and employees should be allowed cool down breaks if needed.

Safa says she's postponing appointments for her and her clients safety.  

"I don't want to have to call the ambulance because somebody couldn't tolerate the heat. I can drink lots of water, I've struggled with being out there all day," Safa said.

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