San Francisco

Busted on BART: Transportation Agency Cracks Down on Fare Evaders

BART police officers handed out 36 citations Tuesday during a fare evasion crackdown at multiple stations across its system, according to the transportation agency.

The citations, which represent BART's $3 million effort to stop people from cheating their way out of fares, were written at stations in San Francisco, Richmond and Fremont between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., according to BART.

An estimated 22,000 people each year cheat the fare system, costing the transportation agency around $25 million annually, according to BART. 

Fare evasion citations cost perpetrators $250, according to BART.

In addition to Tuesday's crackdown, officers also arrested four people on unrelated warrants and crimes, according to BART.

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