Bye Bye Buddha

No plans in place for replacement.

A piece of art that has grabbed the attention of just about everyone who walked near San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza is being removed.
The work called "Three Heads Six Arms," which is a 26-foot-tall sculpture by Chinese artist Zhang Huan, was installed on the east side of the plaza in May to celebrate the 30th anniversary of San Francisco's sister-city relationship with Shanghai, China.
The Buddha sculpture will now head to Shanghai.

Crews used a crane and other heavy equipment to take apart the sculpture arm by arm and head by head over the next few days. The entire sculpture weighs about 15 tons, with each appendage weighing about a ton.
Civic Center Plaza frequently features temporary art installations - in 2009, an environmental sculpture was interwoven into the plaza's trees - but will remain empty for the immediate future.

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