Caffeine Soon to Be Delivered in Fresh Form

Soon there will be a coffee-infused pod, like something out "2001: A Space Odyssey," that we can enclose ourselves in nightly to receive our caffeine intake via some sort of futuristic fume osmosis. But until then, we need to have our coffee fix the old-fashioned way, through items we consume, but that won't stop us from looking for new ways of consuming.

And one of the newest, reports USA Today, is Dippin' Dots. Of course, Dippin' Dots has been around for some time; in fact, we'd even call it a snow-cold staple of county fairs and malls everywhere. And that it drops that last "g" in favor of an apostrophe charms. We're not anti "g" but we do love seeing a business kick it to the curb. Adds flavor, right?

Now it looks like the double D is going coffee with its next venture. Coffee in Dippin' Dot form appeals, in part because we like the contrast: a traditional hot drink in a sweet treat that's famously cold (liquid nitrogen is used in the formation of those tiny, Arctic-frosty orbs).

Looks like we'll be headed for the mall when this one debuts. Really, a pleasure of life: spooning up those little balls of coldness on a 100-degree day while we stroll an AC-ed food court in flip-flops as the PA system rocks the top 40 at high volume. We're feeling it already.

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