Cal Fire on Lookout for Lightning Strikes

Be on the lookout for lightning strikes today. A chance of thunderstorms in the Bay Area is forcing Cal Fire to do something it hasn't done in a long time.

The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning on Wednesday, indicating severe fire danger. That warning was cancelled early Thursday morning, but Cal Fire officials say they're still on alert.

Lightning struck the South Bay roughly 200 times during thunderstorms Wednesday. Fire crews are keeping an eye out for so-called "sleeper" fires today -- lightning strikes that can smolder for days before flaring up into noticeable fires.

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jim Crawford says the agency is keeping extra staff on hand to deal with any flare-ups today.

"With those 200 strikes, especially in Santa Clara County, we do have some concerns that there may be some additional fires coming out of those," says Crawford.

Cal Fire is manning fire spotter towers in the South Bay, as well as monitoring conditions from the air.

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