Cal High Increases Police Presence Following More Threats

More security measures are being taken at California High School until the end of the school year following additional school threat discovered on Thursday.

In an email to Cal High staff and parents, Principal Christopher George said a copycat graffiti that said "School shooting, Thursday 5/27" and other "racist remarks" were found after San Ramon police had identified several students who made school shooting threats earlier this month.

Police are investigating the new threat but May 27 is a Monday and not a Thursday, George said. It's also Memorial Day and the school won't be in session.

In addition to more police presence around campus, the school will be adding additional security cameras, and staff and students will also receive safety training in August, according to George. Students who were found to be involved with the threats all faced disciplinary action, he said.

There have been at least four threats at Cal High in recent years, not including three from earlier this month.

Students reported seeing graffiti in a bathroom in the fine arts building that read, "Tomorrow, library will be shot up first, then courtyard and then myself" in addition to a racist comment directed at African Americans.

Last year, police arrested a freshman student for allegedly plotting to shoot six students they had on a hit list.

The district attorney's office reviewed the evidence and decided not to press charges.

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