Cal Students Make a Roll of a Lifetime

The recipe called for 536 sheets of edible seaweed, 100+ pounds of rice, 167 pounds of surimi, 67 pounds of cukes and an equal amount of avocados.

The finished product? A 330-foot long California sushi roll to best the world record one made in Maui in 2001. That beast of traditional cuisine was 300-feet long.

Members of the Japanese Graduate & Researchers Society dressed as ninjas started the giant project. The stunt was part of a series of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the school's Center for Japanese Studies

More than 350 UC Berkeley students on 58 teams constructed the ginormous roll on Sunday. The teams, with names like Smashin' Sushi, AvoCALdoes and Roll Me California Style, were made up of students from sororities, fraternities and other campus groups.

The amazing feat of food didn't last long.   After officials measureed every foot -- 18 of which were vegetarian -- the students chowed down on their hard work. There's no estimate on the amount of soy sauce, wasabi or duck sauce it will take to garnish the massive creation.

Apparently, just having a degree from the country's best public university just isn't enough in anymore and edging out competition with tough job market with "creator of the world's largest California sushi roll" on a Cal grad's resume will be the ticket to a brighter future.

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