California Drought Prompts Bay Area Residents to Collect Rain

The California drought has prompted some Bay Area residents to collect rain in addition to conserving water.

Wednesday's storm was the first chance local "rain collectors" were able to begin building up a supply of back-up water.

Saratoga-resident Brad Daniel collects rains through storage barrels.

Daniel founded Rainsavers about five years ago -- he installs barrels where algae can't grow. The barrels, which cost some $200 to install, also includes screens to filter out debris and to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

Business is beginning to pick up due to the drought, he said.

Daniel also said his business can install larger-storage tanks, underground containers with pumps and commercial units.

Collecting rain may not be enough to supply all the non-drinking water a household would need, but Daniel said the method can result in a lower water bill.

Moving forward, Daniel said collecting every drop counts.

"Even before the drought -- there's never enough water in California," he said.

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