California Gang Member's Mugshot Goes Viral

Remember the so-called "hot felon" Jeremy Meeks? The internet has stumbled upon his female counterpart.

Meeks' mug shot lit up the internet in 2014 after he was arrested for gun possession in a gang sweep in Stockton. The same is currently happening to Mirella Ponce, who police said was arrested following a traffic stop Monday in Fresno for possessing a loaded firearm.

Police also said Ponce was with her infant child when she was stopped.

The Fresno Police Department posted information about the arrest late Monday, along with pictures of both Ponce and the gun she allegedly was in possession of.

The Facebook post since has gone viral. On Friday the post had surpassed 5,000 shares and was nearing 2,000 comments, many of which discuss Ponce's "good looks."

One commenter wrote, "The only crime she committed was stealing my heart."

Meanwhile, Meeks has since launched a modeling career and is currently dating Chloe Green, daughter of British retail billionaire businessman Sir Philip Green.

Meeks reportedly is looking to introduce Ponce to his modeling agent.

Ponce, who police said is a member of the Tiny Rascal Gang (yes, really), was booked into Fresno County Jail.

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