Californians Ask for Another Shot at High Speed Rail Vote

New poll shows if vote happened today the plan would fail.

A majority of California voters say if they had another shot, they would shoot down the state's high-speed rail project.

According to a new Field Poll, 64% of voters think California should vote again on the plan. Nearly one-third of the people calling for a re-vote admit they voted for the high-speed rail plan in 2008.

If a re-vote were to happen, only 31% of voters say they would vote yes. Fifty-nine percent say they would vote no.

Much of the anger stems from the fact that the California High-Speed Rail Authority revised the estimated cost of the plan to almost $100 billion over 20 years. That is more than twice what was previously projected. Add in the federal government funding cuts and the economic downturn, and most voters say the plan is not worth it.

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