Caltrain's New San Bruno Station Opens

Caltrain crews are hard at work, trying put the finishing touches on a massive project to elevate the trains above the street - all in an effort to improve safety and decrease traffic congestion in San Bruno.

"This was a really convoluted crossing," Caltrain spokeswoman Christine Dunn said. "At one point, it was rated one of the most dangerous in the state."

But she said now that the $155-million San Bruno Grade Separation Project is nearly done, there will "never again will a train hit a car in San Bruno."

The first train rolled out Tuesday from the San Bruno Station - six blocks north of where it used to be - just after 5 a.m.

Over three years, tracks were lifted above three existing at-grade street crossings at San Bruno, San Mateo and Angus avenues. Caltrain hopes the upgrades will improve safety for drivers and pedestrians, and will reduce traffic congestion to and from U.S. Highway 101 in the city of San Bruno.

In addition, a new elevated Caltrain station was built between San Bruno and San Mateo avenues, replacing the existing station at Sylvan Avenue. A total of 201 parking spaces and a “kiss and ride” lot will serve the station at the site of the former San Bruno Lumber.

To aid those walking, the project added three pedestrian underpasses - one near Sylvan Avenue, one at the new station and another between Euclid Avenue and Walnut Street. New elevators will provide easier access for Caltrain customers, Dunn said, and streets and sidewalks, including those at Posy Park, will be improved.

What you need to know about the remaining construction:
Day work will be performed from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. From March 31 to April 4, crews will continue work at the San Mateo and San Bruno bridges, ramps, stairwells, walls and elevators.  Night work will be performed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. This week, crews will be installing precast concrete bridge panels  through Friday.
Since 2010, Caltrain customers have been using a temporary boarding platform on Huntington Avenue near Sylvan Avenue. Monday was the last day of service at that site, which will be removed in coming weeks. Caltrain will continue to operate the same weekday and weekend schedule at the new San Bruno station.

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