Michelle Roberts

Residents Want Changes to ‘Dangerous' Intersection Following Crash Involving Caltrain

Authorities are investigating a Friday morning collision involving a Caltrain commuter train and truck in Burlingame.

Neighbors said the crash is the latest example of a very dangerous intersection they hope can be changed.

Art Ramos and his coworker were in the cab of a delivery truck when a Caltrain slammed into it, ripping off the back door. The impact sent the door flying and destroyed the pedestrian crosswalk.

The crash occurred at the Burlingame Broadway crossing just before 9 a.m.

Ramos said he was crossing the tracks approaching the Carolan Avenue intersection about 100 feet from the rail line when he said the driver in front of him stopped at a green light, leaving the back end of the 25-foot truck right in the train's path.

"I get up right on him and I honked and he didn't move," Ramos said. "Now the light is turning yellow -- we can see the emergency flashers for the train are on and he's not moving."

Ramos said he did not have anywhere to go and by the time he considered getting out, it was too late.

"All of a sudden the train just hit and it was a big impact," Ramos said.

No one was hurt in the collision, but a handful of neighbors said they are not surprised to see another accident.

"Everyone is talking about how bad it is around here and it seems to be getting worse," resident Andy Hont said.

Caltrain said in the last year at least three vehicles have been hit by a train at the intersection. None of the accidents were deadly.

Following the previous accidents, Caltrain said it increased safety signage in the area. Caltrain has also been working with several agencies to improve the flow of traffic across the tracks.

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