Caltrain to Cut Fares in Half for April as Full Service Resumes Monday

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Caltrain is set to resume full service Monday and says it will cut fares in half for the entire month of April.

The price reduction will apply to all fares except the Go Pass, the agency said.

"As the region continues to recover from the lingering impacts of the pandemic, we want to remind the public that Caltrain is the travel mode of choice for so many great Bay Area destinations," Caltrain Acting Executive Director Michelle Bouchard said in a statement. "By reducing our fares for the month of April we can reward our existing customers for their loyalty and encourage the next generation of public transportation riders to use Caltrain for their travelling needs."

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Caltrain resumption of regular service includes a 104-train schedule. On March 2, the agency scaled back service to accommodate Caltrain electrification signal work in San Mateo and Burlingame.

The project was delayed after a March 10 train collision with on-track equipment that injured 13 people.

Caltrain has scheduled another service reduction from May 2 to May 20 to finish the electrification work in San Mateo and Burlingame.

Regular weekday service will resume once again on May 23, the agency said.

Caltrain says it is on pace to electrify its entire corridor from Gilroy to San Francisco by 2040, reducing emissions by 97%.

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