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Caltrans Nearly Finished With Repairs on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Caltrans said Tuesday that workers have poured the final concrete for joint repair on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Plates that were installed on the upper deck since winter to prevent concrete from falling from the upper road deck onto the lower deck of the bridge have been removed, Caltrans said.

The remaining work, which is expected to be completed in July, entails applying a rubber sealant, patching and form removal. The sealant and clean-up work will be performed at night, and there will be lane closures most nights between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Each of the 31 original joints that date back to the 1950s has been replaced by a new concrete joint with a rubberized seal designed to shrink and expand with changing temperatures, Caltrans officials said. The sealant will prevent cracking of the surrounding concrete road deck.

Next year, Caltrans will replace 30 joints on the lower deck of the bridge in conjunction with a bridge painting contract.

Caltrans thanked Bay Area motorists for their patience during the repairs over the past several months. The bridge has served Bay Area residents for 63 years.

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