Caltrans to Keep Close Eye on Bay Bridge During Storm

An anticipated storm set to hit the region Wednesday will have Caltrans keeping a close eye on the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge.

The section of the bridge experienced some leaks during the last Bay Area storm earlier this month. Engineers on Wednesday will begin checking for leaks at trouble spots on the suspension span.

"We have seen water reacting with the zinc primer that's on the inside," Caltrans spokesperson Andrew Gordon said.

How the water is getting into the barrier rails on the new span remains a mystery.

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"It is dripping down through the bolts," Gordon said. "There are 2,600 bolts that connect the barrier rail to the deck section."

Caltrans estimates water is seeping into 30 percent of the bolts on that portion of the span.

"We are still determining exactly how the water is getting into the barrier rail," Gordon said.

Engineers said they are hoping the rain over the next several days will lead to some answers.

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