Camera Falls From Sky, Hits Home

Camera drops from sky and lands on (and through) North Bay home.

Petaluma police have a Canon caper on their hands.

The case goes back a couple weeks, but it took a little while for the crime report to get to the cop shop because the victim used the U.S. mail service as her delivery method.

The mystery that cops are trying to solve is how a camera caused a hole in the roof of a home.

Here's what happened: Debbie Payne heard a very loud noise at her home on Friday Sept. 2. It was loud enough for her neighbors to come over and see if everything was alright. Payne reported that it was her neighbor who noticed a broken Canon camera lens on the ground.

The camera broke through the homes roof, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Petaluma police are now trying to track down the camera's own through a serial number for the lens. They are also asking questions folks at the Petaluma Airport and the FAA to see if it could have dropped from a plane (and if so which one).

Payne told Bay City News she is out a $1,000  insurance deductible  She said she is actually grateful that the two pound camera did cause any injuries. The house is just a couple hundred feet from an elementary  school. 

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told BCN he had never heard of a camera lens falling from an aircraft, adding that simply proving it came from a plane would be difficult to do.

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