Camp Fire Missing Pets: Resources for Owners

Some residents of Butte County are still looking for the pets they lost in the deadly Camp Fire. There are a number of resources available to help them:


The San Francisco SPCA has received an additional nine cats with burn injuries, bringing the total number of animals that are currently being treated at the shelter from the Camp Fire to 38.

Out of the original 29 animals that the SPCA received, 14 of them have been reunited with their owners. Only one of them has been healthy enough to return home.

The SPCA said in a statement that it will take weeks, maybe months for the animals to fully recover. The animal shelter said it will cover the full cost of the treatment that the animals are receiving.

Photos of the nine cats will be available on the San Francisco SPCA Facebook page in order for owners to search for their missing cats.

If owners find their missing pets, they can call the SF SPCA 415-554-3030.


A new website has been created to help match missing animals with their owners.

The North Valley Animal Disaster Group has created a site that helps owners to search photos of animals at an emergency shelter at the Chico Municipal Airport.

“If you see a familiar face, come to the shelter to ID your animal,” the organization says. “You must provide photo ID of your pet, describe unique markings or identifiers, or let us know anything else that will help us ID the pet as yours. Even if you can't take your pet right away, please come to identify him or her so we have your contact information.”

Cats are housed at 100 Lockheed Ave (except where otherwise noted), and dogs are housed at the Aero Union building at 747 Fortress Street (both buildings located at the Chico airport).

Other exotic pets and farm animals are also on the list.


  • VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Center (photos include VCA Asher Vet in Redding, VCA Loomis Vet, Sacramento All About Pets, and other VCA hospitals). (530-342-7387)
  • UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine (530-752-9811)
  • Haven Humane Society (530-241-1653)
  • San Francisco SPCA (415-554-3030)
  • San Francisco Animal Care and Control (check out the header at the top, or search the "Find a Lost Pet" section) (415-554-6364)
  • Chico Animal Shelter (530-894-5630)
  • Northwest SPCA (Oroville 530-533-7636)
  • Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital (cats only - 530-273-7272)
  • Northpointe Vet Hospital (Yuba City 530-674-8670)
  • Bishop Ranch Vet Hospital (San Ramon) (cats only - 925-866-8387)
  • Napa West Pet Hospital (one dog - 707-254-9033)
  • Butte Humane Society Clinic (530-343-7917 Ext 202)
  • Chico Animal Hospital (530-342-0518)
  • Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) (925-256-1273) (added 11/23/18)
  • Middletown Veterinary Hospital (no photos on site, call 707-987-2000)
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