San Francisco

Campbell Leaders Consider Temporary Ban on Electric Scooters

Another Bay Area city appears poised to put the brakes on electric scooters, at least for the time being.

The Campbell City Council on Tuesday evening was expected to approve a temporary ban on the scooters. One of the complaints is that people dump them just about anywhere they please when they're done using them, often blocking a sidewalk or a street.

The scooters were first seen in San Francisco, then Oakland and San Jose. Now, the electric scooters from companies like Bird and Lime are parked on the sidewalks of downtown Campbell too.

While some residents find them convenient and aren't put off by their abundance, others are concerned about the scooters being a hindrance or safety issue.

Mayor Paul Resnikoff says the scooters started showing up in Campbell about a month ago, and people have been complaining about users riding motorized scooters on sidewalks and abandoned scooters left lying on sidewalks, in the street, driveways, and even front yards.

The city is also concerned about riders not wearing safety helmets.

The mayor says city officials understand the benefits of the scooters but want to make sure they’re being used safely.

No deadline has been set for when the city plans to come up with regulations or permit requirements for the scooters, but Resnikoff hopes it will be soon.

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