Can We “Kickstart” The Fight Against Cancer?

SF company called in to help

We Kickstart movies, watches, socks, and just about anything else creative people who need money can think of.

But can we Kickstart cancer?

Forbes magazine asked that very question, and even called out a San Francisco biotech company with the challenge. CollabRx, which analyzes data, was brought up early in the article as a company that could help, in the words of Forbes' writer Paul Howard:

Web-based tools and apps (e.g., from can mine expert-curated molecular models of specific cancers (like melanoma) can guide treatment decisions (and feed those outcomes, good and bad, back into the research process). Cancer patients would benefit from research focused on their individual diseases -- in real time.

As Howard points out in his article, nothing would be cooler than a successful Kickstarter campaign to fight cancer. We know that investors in CollabRx are excited about the whole thing. Shares in the small company (CLRX) jumped 7 percent when the Forbes piece came out.

It's a terrific idea, and (maybe) a new way to fight back against cancer.

Company by company.

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