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Car Break-Ins On Rapid Rise in Walnut Creek

Car burglaries are on the rise around Walnut Creek, the number of cases nearly doubling from a year ago, according to police.

The Walnut Creek Police Department received 106 reports of car break-ins last month alone, and it is seeing trends and specific locations drivers may want to watch for.

Wayne Bowden, who has maintained an apartment complex parking lot over the past few months, says thieves are breaking windows, prying vehicle doors open and stealing parts off vehicles. Car break-ins have become routine in the neighborhood, he said.

"You’re in a higher class neighborhood where people can afford luxury electronics, so basically this is a better area to hit," Bowden said.

Walnut Creek police said thieves are targeting downtown parking garages and apartment complex parking lots. It’s only a matter of seconds, and they’re able to take personal belongings from cars, police said.

The police department has posted warnings on social media telling drivers they need to be extra alert and take steps to avoid becoming a target, including taking valuables with you or locking them in the car out of view.

Shoppers say the increase in break-ins is scary, and they’re heeding the warnings.

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