Car Crashes Into San Jose Home, Driver Appeared Intoxicated: Witness

A woman and her roommate had to leave their home in San Jose after a car crashed into the front of their house early Saturday morning. A witness said the driver appeared to be drunk.

Cassandra Chatman said she was sleeping and woke up to a BMW convertible crashing underneath her room. The whole front of the house was damaged when the car crashed passed the fence and into the vehicle of Chatman's roommate.

"I'm very shaken," Chatman said. 

Red Cross was working to find alternate housing for Chatman and her roommate.

Chatman's neighbor, Brian Mollick, said "I heard a loud boom. It woke me up, jumped right out of bed. I'm right across the street. I saw the cops pull someone from the bushes into handcuffs."

Mollick said the driver appeared to be visibly drunk, and had vomit on his pants. He said his surveillance video captured the incident. The video showed the car going about 70-80 miles per hour, jumped the curb and hit another vehicle, according to Mollick.

There were four people in the vehicle, according to police. Two of them were taken to the hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries.

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