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Amtrak Train Pushes Car Down Railroad Tracks in Union City

After being pushed for almost a mile down train tracks, two people survived a car accident in Union City, authorities said.

The Alameda County Fire Department said the accident happened when the car accidentally turned onto the railroad tracks on E Street as the Amtrak train was approaching.

The accident happened about 6 p.m. Saturday when the car, near the railroad crossing at Railroad and E Streets, turned onto the Union Pacific tracks into the path of an Amtrak Capital Corridor train. Fire Department spokesman Brian Centoni said the train hit the car from behind, and pushed the vehicle about 800 feet up the track before both came to a stop.

There was no immediate word as to whether anyone on the train - operating in "push" mode with a passenger car leading and the locomotive pushing -- was injured.

It wasn't immediately apparent why the car turned onto the tracks, Centoni said.

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