San Jose

Car Slams Into Hair Salon Storefront in Downtown San Jose

A man driving a yellow four-door sedan slammed into a tree and then the front of the Bishops Haircuts Salon in downtown San Jose, causing quite the scare Tuesday afternoon.

"I was sitting by the window, having a meeting and from the corner of my eye saw the tree fall down, I panicked grabbed the chick next to me and ran," said salon manager Meagan Eaton.

A man Eaton described as an "older gentleman" reportedly slammed into a tree on South Market Street around 12:45 p.m. then into Bishops storefront, sending Eaton and two other people who were in the salon at the time, into a panic.

"It's just crazy, this happened so fast," Eaton said.

San Jose Police Department officers arrived at the scene within minutes, and questioned the man who was accompanied by his dog. No injuries have been reported and it is unclear whether the driver was taken into custody.

"I'm glad that the dog and the man are okay, stuff happens," Eaton said.

No additional information was immediately available.

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