Carly Gets Convention's “Buzz” Moment

No demon eyes in this one

California's top Republicans were in the South Bay this weekend for the state GOP convention.

Most are using the venue to take swipes at each other, but one candidate used her 15 minutes to debut a dramatic anti-Barbara Boxer video clip 

Carly Fiorina released the eight minute glitzy ad during a lunchtime speech in Santa Clara that got her that intangible and yet always sought after thing called "buzz."

It was done by the same guy who morphed Tom Campbell into a demon sheep.  No red-eyed monster in this one.  Instead Boxer is a hot air balloon.  She is depicted as an out of touch giant, casting dark shadows on the golden state as she floats high above it. 

AP's Kevin Freking points out the ad attacks two of the party faithful's strongest dislikes --  Boxer and a federal government on an out-of-control spending spree.

Fiorina's campaign says, "The creative and attention-grabbing movie describes Boxer’s bitter partisanship, her ineffectiveness and her 18-year long record of support for tax hikes, job-killing legislation and big-government spending."  It also started promoting a new anti-Boxer Website called failed senator dot com.

A Boxer spokesman said Fiorina is focused on fiction, while the senator is focused on getting the economy back on track.

"Not even another bizarre video can distract voters from Fiorina's record as a failed CEO who laid off 28,000 workers and shipped California jobs overseas," said Rose Kapolczynski, Boxer's campaign manager told AP.

Campbell's campaign stayed focus on Fiorina saying it included a "puffed up representation of her resume and disastrous tenure at HP."

"As a private citizen, Carly Fiorina failed to vote. As a corporate CEO, Carly Fiorina failed to lead," said Campbell spokesman James Fisfis. "Somehow, she thinks that makes her qualified to be a U.S. senator."

State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, also vying for the Senate seat on the republican side, said Fiorina railing against the establishment is a tough sell. Devore says she was recruited by Republican lawmakers in Washington who shared some responsibility for the GOP losing its majority in Congress.

"She's precisely that sort of candidate. She does represent the out-of-touch and the elite," DeVore said.

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