Cases of Credit, Debit Card Fraud Tied to Gilroy Gas Pump Skimmer

Police on Monday said they are investigating several cases of credit card and ATM card fraud stemming from a card skimmer found within a gas pump at a Valero gas station in Gilroy.

Police said the department was inundated with fraud cases over the weekend, and the one common link was the use of their cards at the Valero at 1190 First St.

The department's Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team found the skimming device inside a gas pump Monday morning around 10 a.m. and removed it, police said. No other skimming devices were found at other pumps at the station.

Police said the skimmer had been there for at least a week, maybe longer.

Anyone who has purchased gas at the Valero location is asked to check their bank statements to make sure they aren't victims of fraud.

Police advise anyone who may have been a victim of credit card/ATM card fraud at the gas station to contact police at (408) 846-0350.

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