Casino M8trix Gets Final Approval, Could Open Soon

The gaming floor could be open for business by this time next week.

The chief of police in San Jose held all the cards Friday and he played the hand the owners of the Casino M8trix were hoping for.

Chief Chris Moore gave final approval for the main card room to open just before 5 p.m.

M8trix owners tell NBC Bay Area the approval means they could be open as early as next week.

The Mercury News reports the card room still has to meet the requirements outlined in a report from the city's gaming administrator. They include demonstrating satisfactory internal controls and surveillance systems. The M8trix also has to round up new employees, transfer other employees from the soon-to-be shuttered Garden City, and get the state to transfer their liquor license.

Casino M8trix was supposed to open in March, but here it is July and still no bet has been made inside the plush facility along Highway 101 near the airport.

Early this month, owners tried to force San Jose to make a decision in court.  The judge rejected their motion, which in the end landed in the chief's lap.

The main issue that slowed things down surrounded regulations for gaming on the casino’s ground floor. 

Owners also have plans to open additional high end gaming space on the top two floors of the eight-story tower.  Permits for that gaming area are expected to take much longer.

Two years ago, the casino received unanimous approval by the San Jose City Council. In May 2010 the council cleared the way for the construction of the new facility that is expected to earn at least $14 million annually in revenue. That revenue means more tax dollars for the city.

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