San Francisco Castro Nudists To Rally For Alabama Teen Killed By Police

A teenager shot and killed by police last week will be memorialized tonight.

Nudists in San Francisco's Castro District will rally Thursday night for an Alabama teen killed by police -- while the teen, high on LSD, was naked, according to reports.

Gil Collar, 18, was shot to death last weekend by a University of Southern Alabama police officer, according to SF Weekly. Collar was allegedly "buck naked" and high on LSD when he was shot and killed, according to the newspaper.

Once a naked guy, always a naked guy -- and what is possibly the nation's most active fraternity of nude dudes is in San Francisco, and is on the case.

"Nudist czar" Mitch Hightower has organized "a memorial tonight to honor the college freshman," the newspaper reported. Naked people will descend upon Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market streets at 6 p.m. tonight.

"There will be candles, flowers, and nude speakers there to talk about Collar's death," the newspaper reported.

The nudists, whose choice of birthday suit for evening wear may soon be banned by legislation proposed by Supervisor Scott Wiener, feel that an attack on any naked person also threatens them, according to the newspaper.

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