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Cat Rescued After Being Stuck in Palm Tree for 6 Days During Bay Area Storm

A stray cat that got stuck up in a palm tree and weathered six straight days of sun, rain and wind was rescued Tuesday.

Resident Loren Valentini said the cat, who does not have a name, has been part of the local community for two years. It scaled the tree on Wednesday and became stuck "in rain, and cold, and wind."

Too much wind for fire crews to help. Valentini then went online for help, asking on social media and friends how to get the cat out of the palm tree.

The owner of A-Plus Tree Service saw the post and offered to help with cranes and ropes.

On Tuesday, the tree service crew came out, free of charge, and ready to rescue.

Crews threw up a rope and scared the cat out of the tree, and back to safety.

"Everybody will be able to rest at night, knowing he's down and safe," Valentini said.

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