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Caught on Camera: Delivery Man Hurls Amazon Package Onto Porch in Dublin

A delivery person making the rounds in Dublin this week was captured on video hurling an Amazon package from a home's front yard onto the porch, and it turns out it wasn't an isolated incident.

Shawn Mowry was expecting a Christmas present for his 5-year-old son to be delivered this week, but he wasn't expecting what he saw when he played back the footage on his Nest surveillance camera Wednesday.

An unidentified man is seen in the video delivering an Amazon package via air mail.

"When it did come, I heard this pop-pop sound, and I was just sitting on the couch," Mowry said. "I had no idea what it was."

Mowry reviewed the Nest video and couldn't believe what he saw. He called his wife.

"I was like, you're not going to believe this, you've got to see this," he said.

When Mowry looked at the video one more time, he realized the same thing happened to his next-door neighbor.

"I don't know if he's having a bad day; there could be a story behind what's happening with him," neighbor Nancy Polcyn said. "But still, if there was something fragile in those packages, they would not have been able to hold up to that."

Neither of the items was damaged.

Amazon released a statement Thursday: "This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery partners. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages, and we’re in touch with the customer to make things right."

"You know, it doesn't feel good," Mowry said. "But at the same time, I have to ask myself: Do you really want someone like that delivering a package? Especially around the holidays. There's a lot of kids stuff being delivered around the holidays so that's got to be a concern."

Mowry said Amazon gave him a $25 gift card too.

Ultimately, he said he just doesn't want his or any other packages delivered that way again.

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