Stephen Ellison

Caught on Video: Adults Coach Boy Into Stealing From Concord Toy Store

The owner of a Concord toy store says he believes two adults coached a boy into stealing a pricey toy set from his store last week, and he believes he has the surveillance video to prove it.

Pot of Gold Collectibles is an independent toy store that’s been around for a decade. The owner, Tom Fitzsimmons, said it's the first time a family of thieves has targeted his store. What pains him the most, he said, is that the adults are teaching a child how to steal.

"We’re a little mom and pops," Fitzsimmins said. "We’re not Bill Gates, we’re not Walmart corporate."

On Wednesday afternoon, the store's surveillance cameras caught two adults who appear to be teaming up with a child to steal a pricey toy set from his store.

"It’s flat out child abuse, and that’s just wrong!" Fitzsimmons said. "For this to happen, especially caused by a child, encouraged by the adults, it’s just wrong."

The video shows the trio walking in. While Fitzsimmons is tending to another customer at the counter, the boy starts pulling out a Pirates of the Caribbean Lego set, retail price $180. The man then walks over and asks Fitzsimmons a question about a display item on the wall.

"This was planned," Fitzsimmons said. "You distract a person, you go out the other side. Typical for tag-team stuff."

The boy walks out of the store holding the box set, and the woman is trailing right behind him. Fitzsimmons said they were in and out of his store in 90 seconds.

"I feel bad for the child because the child is being taught by the parents to do this," he said.

Fitzsimmons said he filed a police report, and he doesn’t want the child to get in trouble. He wants the adults to be held accountable.

Concord police were not available to comment on the case Monday.

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