Accelerant Thrown Through Window Starts Fire Inside Antioch Applebee's

The fire did enough damage to force the restaurant to temporarily shut down

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An Applebee's in Antioch caught fire early Thursday morning after someone threw some sort of accelerant through a restaurant window.

Fire investigators didn't immediately say exactly what kind of accelerant the person used, but whatever it was, it ignited a fire inside, doing enough damage to force the restaurant to temporarily close.

"Determined that accelerant was used through the window and started the fire in a booth," Contra Costa Fire Marshal Chris Bachman said. "The fire was contained to the booth in the restaurant."

The restaurant's sprinkler system immediately kicked in, putting out the flames and keeping the damage to a minimum.

Investigators said they’re hoping to find surveillance video but are confident they’ll catch whoever is responsible.

"We’re hopeful that within a week we'll be able to track down leads and locate the person responsible," Bachman said.

The restaurant's manager said it will likely take about one week to reopen.

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