CDC Updates Coronavirus Transmission Guidelines

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As we’re learning more about COVID-19 and how it’s spread, the CDC is updating its guidelines now saying the virus “does not spread easily” by touching surfaces or objects.

An important revision and reminder of how health officials say the virus is mainly spread person to person.

“The evidence is overwhelming, the most important way this virus is transmitted is through droplets that come from an infected person’s nose and mouth,” said UC Berkeley Clinical Professor John Swartzberg.

He adds the Center for Disease Control has always warned it may be “possible” to become infected with coronavirus by touching contaminated surfaces but the science to back that up is incomplete.

“They’re saying there’s not a lot of evidence about hand transmission,” said Swartzberg. “We just don’t know enough at this point.”

To be extra careful, some people have decided the best way to avoid catching the virus is by disinfecting everything including boxes and groceries.

Experts say there’s nothing wrong with being careful and that’s what people are doing.

“I'm very careful, I wear my mask out in public and I say 6 feet away,” said Ernesto Fernandez from Concord.

But according to professor Swartzberg, now is not the time to let your guard down.

“The advice has always been since it’s very easy to keep your hands clean to wash them with soap and water or use alcohol,” he said. “That's what you should do if you touch anything.”

As information from the CDC will continue to evolve, the message continues to be to wash your hands and cover your face when out in public.

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