‘Party Like it's 9,999!' Celebrating the 10,000th Day of the Web

Today, the World Wide Web celebrates its 10,000th day of existence! Mozilla Firefox’s Twitter account used the hashtag #10kDays to raise awareness on the internet’s transformation and to highlight some of the web’s most fond memories.

According to the Digital Journal, the internet began in 1989 when Web inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, submitted a proposal for a distributed information center for CERN. Berners-Lee’s proposal is known today as the World Wide Web. The web proposal opened the door for many tech wizards, musicians, and web users today.

From providing college degrees to communicating with doctors online, the internet has made an extraordinary impact on many lives around the globe.

The internet has upgraded in a way where we have access to millions of apps online. There is literally an app for everything such as learning how to cook or reading a new book. You name it, it’s there!

There are many people who rely heavily on the internet including college students and business owners… We can all thank Mr. Berners-Lee for that!

Internet users are looking forward to the next 10,000 days.

Check out the tweets below to see how the Twitter world honored the internet with the hashtag #10Kdays

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