CES 2016 Kicks Off With A Car

In a year that's being dominated by flying things, CES 2016 kicked off with a car.

Not just any car. After all, the Consumer Electronics Show always promises us a glimpse Into the future, and after wading through all the headphones and stereo systems, we eventually find cool stuff.

Stuff like the concept car from Faraday Future.

Shrouded in secrecy, Faraday has hinted at cars, but what would they look like? Would they be driverless? Electric? Is the whole thing a front for Apple?

All seem to be true (except the Apple part).

Faraday unveiled its concept car a day and a half before CES even started.

It looks kind of like the Batmobile. Yes, it will be electric, and eventually driverless. Better even than the design (which, really, is pretty outlandish in a "Hot Wheels comes to life" kind of way) is the idea that the car might someday be something you just use (a la Uber) when you need it, instead of own.

What do we want to own? That's going to come from Corning. You might have heard of Gorilla Glass, but you'd never seen anything like what Corning is going to show off. A sheet of super thin glass (actually looks and feels more plastic) that you can put on your wall, which will then broadcast photos, scenes, anything you want. Very futuristic, in a Minority Report-meets-the home kind of way.

Just a couple of things to see this year. Neither of them flying.

That comes later.

Scott is at CES. You can get his updates on Twitter: @scottbudman

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